4 Step Plan to Advocate for Accommodations to be Followed

4 Step plan to advocate for accommodations to be followed

Are you having difficulty getting your child’s accommodations followed?  When we think about wanting the teachers to implement accommodations, it is all about setting habits.  When we approach behavior, we prioritize what change we would like to see first.  If we try to change all behaviors at once, the behavior typically stays the same, or we have an all-out rebellion.  Getting school staff to implement your child's accommodations isn’t any different.  We are trying to change the habits of staff members, so start with the accommodation that will make the most impact on your child’s educational experience.

  1. What is the issue - Figure out the problem.  What is the feedback you are getting from the school?  Academics? Lack of progress?  Messages about behavior?                                     Ex. not performing well on assessments, notes from the teacher about behavior, not making progress, grades, disruptive, not completing independent work
  2. Pick the accommodation that will make the most impact          Ex. If your child is not completing independent work, maybe they don’t know the expectations or directions.  Your child needs a visual list of the instructions or a visual example and/or a teacher check-in at the beginning of independent work time.
  3. Communicate to the school which accommodation you are looking to have implemented                                                         Ex. My child is not completing independent work because she does not know the expectations.  Her accommodation for a teacher check-in at the beginning of independent work time would alleviate this issue.  
  4. Keep an eye on the original issue and follow up with the school                                                                                           Ex. Have you seen an improvement in grades? behavior? progress?  If not, check back weekly until you feel certain that the accommodation is being implemented.   

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