Workshop:  Navigating the Educational System with ADHD Children

Workshop: Navigating the Educational System with ADHD Children

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As a parent of a recently diagnosed or struggling student, navigating the educational system can be overwhelming.  Learn about the positives of neurodiversity along with the opportunities for growth that occur in the school setting.  

At Bursting Barriers, we believe every child deserves a positive educational experience.  We understand many families struggle with how to support their children, that’s why we give parents the knowledge to navigate the educational system.  This is a 5 week class that meets online for one hour per week. There is a set curriculum each week but there will be time for specific questions as well.  

Maura specializes in issues with attention, learning, and students who generally struggle with school.  This includes students who have been diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disabilities, but also students who struggle with focus or learning in school but do not have a formal diagnosis.  

There are limitations imposed on teachers by the educational system, however, in order to meet everyone’s needs, there has to be flexibility.  One goal of Bursting Barriers is to understand options that create opportunities for improvement and growth.  The focus is on positive problem-solving to move towards successful learning outcomes.

Parents need to be informed about their child's disability to successfully advocate.  Parents and guardians do not know what they do not know.  More does not always mean better.  The goal should always be to move students towards independence while mitigating barriers to learning


  • Expertise from a teacher with 25 years experience as a special education teacher, diagnostician, case manager, and parent navigating the IEP process
  • Navigating the evaluation and IEP processes
  • Goals and accommodations  
  • Understanding IEP/504 paperwork - what to look for, what is important
  • Asset-based IEPs
  • Tips for productive IEP meetings
  • Inclusive practices
  • RTI, SST teams, diagnostic criteria
  • UDL
  • Tips for being a positive contributor in your child’s education
  • Supportive, positive space to look for proactive solutions
  • Solutions-based instead of complaint-based
  • Anonymity - Can send a private message and we will cover it
  • Supportive - Nonjudgmental space  
  • Camaraderie - learn what has worked from others
  • Resources